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Professional technical supervision in the construction process: consultations at the design stage, control of the quality of construction works and compliance with technologies, control of construction costs and deadlines Apply for a Consultation Our Objects

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The technical supervisor is a representative of the customer's interests and a reliable partner in the entire construction process - from the conception to the commissioning of the building.

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Why you need construction supervision?

The main purpose of construction supervision is to control the accurate execution of design solutions , the use of high quality materials and professional equipment, as well as compliance with contract estimate costs in accordance with the requirements of the construction project and regulatory enactments.

Professional construction site supervision allows:

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Frequently asked questions?

Professional and independent supervision of the construction process to ensure high-quality and safe construction. The purpose of construction supervision is to ensure the rights and interests of the initiator of construction in the process of performing construction works, as well as to prevent:

  • arbitrary deviations of construction participants from the construction project;
  • violations of regulatory enactments regulating construction;
  • deviations from the construction project and work performance design specified and other work performance technologies.

The risk of implementation of erroneous project solutions is reduced, the quality of construction works is better, the funding provided for construction workers is used more efficiently, discipline in the construction site.

  • construction is fully or partially financed from public funds, European Union policy instruments or other foreign financial assistance funds for the second and third group of buildings. This requirement also applies to the first group of structures, if required by regulatory enactments;
  • the building is a cultural monument protected by the state;
  • construction works of the third group of construction are planned;
  • the second group of public buildings and industrial structures, if the intended use of the structure, construction or construction work performance methods in the assessment of the construction board are related to an increased risk to the environment, human life or health

Construction supervision costs depend on many factors and are calculated for each object individually (depending on the task, type of construction and complexity). Construction supervision costs are usually in the range of 1.5 … 5% of construction costs.

Construction supervisors perform on-site quality inspection of construction works in stages (including compliance of the performed works with the construction project). Only after the acceptance of the construction supervisor (incl. Signing of the executive documentation), the construction contractor may continue the work at the next stages of work. If necessary, construction supervisors shall perform inspections of building structures using non-destructive methods or invite certified laboratories to perform inspections.

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